Temporary dentures

Temporary dentures are plastic dentures that are used while the wound is healing after tooth extraction, and after implantation, bone grafting procedures and so on. Plastic crowns and bridges look aesthetically - like natural teeth - but over time, lose their color, gloss and wear. This is why they are used temporarily. After the healing period they are replaced with permanent crowns or bridges, which can be metal-free or made of metal, or zirconium ceramics.

Temporary dentures can be applied in the following cases:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Implant placement
  • After removing the old dentures
  • After the bone grafting procedure

Why use temporary dentures?

  • For aesthetic appearance
  • Chewing
  • They protect the sensitive tissues of the mouth of hot and cold food
  • In order to prevent the adjacent teeth from moving towards the gap after tooth extraction
  • In order to not lose the shape of the gums
  • In order for the patient to become accustomed to dentures

At the beginning of the treatment, the dentist will make an impression of the teeth and will order temporary dentures at the dental laboratory. Upon arrival for the procedure (tooth extraction, implantation, bone grafting or old denture removal), temporary dentures are already manufactured. After the procedure, they are adjusted in the mouth and used until prosthesis procedure. In case of extraction of all teeth, temporary plates for the upper and lower jaw are produced at the laboratory.

Doctor's advice:

  • Temporary dentures are made of plastic, hence you should avoid hard food, so they do not break
  • These implants are fixed with temporary cement, so they can come loose and fall off, but it is not a problem since a doctor at the clinic can place them again