Background: The purpose of this study was to analyze medium-to-long-term implant success and survival rates,
and lower lip sensory disturbance after placement of dental implants with simultaneous inferior alveolar nerve (IAN)

Methods: Fifteen patients (3 men, 12 women) treated in two centers were included in this retrospective study. The
ages of the participants ranged from 19 to 68. A total of 48 dental implants were placed in 23 posterior mandibular
segments simultaneously with IAN transposition or lateralization. The residual bone above the IAN ranged from 0.5
to 7.0 mm. Crestal bone changes were measured using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images.
Disturbance of the IAN was evaluated subjectively using a modified questionnaire.

Results: The healing process was uneventful in fourteen patients. In one patient, spontaneous fracture of the
operated mandible occurred on tenth day after the surgery. The implant in the fracture line was removed at the
time of open reduction and fixation. One more implant was lost after 5 years of loading. Therefore, the overall
dental implant survival rate was 95.8%, whereas all implants in function were judged as successful after a follow-up
period of 1 to 10 years. Transient neurosensory disturbances (ND) were observed in all patients who underwent IAN
lateralization and IAN transposition. At follow-up times of 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years, weak hypoesthesia
remained in two subjects treated with IAN transposition. None of the patients developed neuropathic pain after the

Conclusions: Within the limitations of this study, we conclude that reconstruction of severely resorbed mandibles
with dental implants in conjunction with IAN repositioning is an effective and reliable technique. Although
neurosensory disturbances are the most common complication after surgery, they tend to resolve over time.
Advanced surgical skills are required to perform this technique.
Keywords: Inferior alveolar nerve transposition, Inferior alveolar nerve lateralization, Dental implant survival rate,
Dental implant success rate, Neurosensory disturbance

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Shape It Up’22 BSCOSO | Transverse problems. Orthodontics and surgery
NEW DATE: 9-10 July 2022 Vilnius, Lithuania

Putin’s war in Ukraine has struck us in many ways. It has struck our BSCOSO community too. Here in Lithuania, we are safe. Furthermore, we are safer than ever: we have a concentration of NATO forces located on our land as never before.

Nevertheless, nobody is in power to predict the nearest future for now. We understand, you feel the same. Some of you have downgraded your participation from live to online.

Thus, the situation has driven us to search for the best solution. We took the following arguments into our mind:

  1. We know that we won‘t deliver our promise for the best course experience in a situation of uncertainty.
  2. Many of you have chosen participation in person due to many reasons that we won‘t fulfil at the online course.
  3. Last, but not least, doctors from Ukraine won‘t be able to arrive at the course.

Due to all reasons above we have decided to transfer the 11th BSCOSO Spring Course to a new date. The scientific and social programs remain the same as well as the speakers’  faculty. On top of that and to make this shift easier to all of you, we offer many ADDED VALUES.

What are the added values?

Let’s stand together with Ukraine!

We apologise sincerely for the inconveniences caused by changing the date of the course. We take this as a step of standing together with Ukraine and invite you to be a part of it! What relief will be to all of us to meet our Ukrainian fellows and learn together!

Join the donation fund for Ukrainian hospitals!

A crowdfunding campaign to support Ukrainian hospitals has been launched recently by the Lithuanian charity Veido fondas. Keep donating for the Ukrainian hospitals in their heavy conditions and making it possible to save peoples‘ lives.

To donate, please click HERE.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in summer!

We will keep you updated about any further course information regularly.


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Rooto is an educational platform for professionals looking to take advantage of real-time learning and practicing opportunities with top surgeons. We focus on orthognathic and oral surgeries, and other dental procedures through the eyes of a doctor. We have a growing library of videos focused on various techniques, clinical management best practices, practical integration and efficiency. Rooto serves a closed community of experts sharing knowledge and expertise among group members. Join our community to gain exclusive unlimited access to the Rooto video library, related scientific articles, periodical live surgeries, lectures, podcasts and an intimate look inside the operating room.

Our platform is launching with regular livestreaming orthognathic surgeries via a closed Facebook group that approved medical specialists can access.

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