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BSCOSO stands for the Baltic Sea Conference in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics. The first BSCOSO Conference was held in 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania and was hosted by Dr Simonas Grybauskas. The second BSCOSO had followed in 2015 in Riga, Latvia and gathered 710 participants from 45 countries.

After two successful conferences and in demand of continuous knowledge and experience in orthognathic surgery and orthodontics BSCOSO introduced professional courses in orthognathic surgery and orthodontics, organized 2-3 times a year and started to build BSCOSO Community, which now joins more than 4000 members. 

Rooto is an educational platform for professionals looking to take advantage of real-time learning and practicing opportunities with top surgeons. We focus on orthognathic and oral surgeries, and other dental procedures through the eyes of a doctor. We have a growing library of videos focused on various techniques, clinical management best practices, practical integration and efficiency.

Rooto serves a closed community of experts sharing knowledge and expertise among group members. Join our community to gain exclusive unlimited access to the Rooto video library, related scientific articles, periodical live surgeries, lectures, podcasts and an intimate look inside the operating room.

“Patientstree” – is a new tool for online patient management developed by S’OS Clinic. Using this digital tool you will be able to organize your team work effieciently and to keep your patients up to date on a regular basis. While using Patientstree you will be able to keep the entire group of refering doctors organized and have all your patients counted and filtered by status or refering doctor. Even more, while being busy – you will have your staff and doctors in team backing you and taking over the conversations with the patients. 
For customized package and demo version please contact us at

The Facial Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports patients with facial deformalities who are unable to choose the right treatment due to financial difficulties. In Lithuania, 20% of people live with facial and jaw defects, and 5% of them require surgery. The Facial Foundation was created to give such patients the opportunity to achieve this great and important change in life. Any indivdual or organization can contribute to the treatment of our patients by making a donation.

We are very happy to announce a successful completion of the first stage of our project „Artificial intelligence in orthognathic surgery planning“ in conjunction with Spanish company GMV. The project consists of three parts:

  1. Automated AI-based construction of virtual head model
  2. Automated facial diagnostics and preparation for planning
  3. AI-based virtual planning for orthognathic surgery

In the first part of the project we achieved acceptable accuracy in automated construction of virtual head models by implementing machine learning algorithms. The machine was trained with a sample of 100 digitized virtual head models and surgical planes that provided excellent surgical outcomes.  Such steps as automatic segmentation of cone beam CT head model, automatic determination of mid-sagittal plane and other reference planes, automatic identification of skeletal and soft tissue landmarks, have built a perfect ground for advancing into the next stage of our project. The results were successfully transfered into augmented reality application with the help of which the calculated surgical planes may be visualized on the patient in real time. It is so great to have a ML-based virtual assistant that will reduce the number and magnitude of errors in our daily work.

Call for action: we are searching for talents who would like to join the project and take part in creating the next level futuristic facial planning algorithms with the help of artificial intelligence.

Eurosplint is a facial planning and scientific research service for doctors. It is run by a team of medical engineers backed by an international team of experienced surgeons who are happy to provide their clinical advice.  It consists of a Clinical division and a Scientific Division. The main task of the Clinical division is to assist surgeons worldwide in the facial planning process for their patients. Our team knows how to improve accuracy in construction of the virtual head model, head orientation, reference planes and virtual planning. Surgeons who perform fewer surgeries admire the service since they can reduce the mistakes and inaccuracies related to virtual surgical planning once performed by  themselves. Scientific division performs mathematical comparison of medical acquisition data (CT and MRI) and assists scientists worldwide in their research on surgical accuracy, skeletal growth or long-term postsurgical shape and volumetric stability. Eurosplint assists doctors in three continents and more than 15 countries. Please visit for more information.