NEW DATE! Upcoming BSCOSO Course

Shape It Up’22 BSCOSO | Transverse problems. Orthodontics and surgery
NEW DATE: 9-10 July 2022 Vilnius, Lithuania

Putin’s war in Ukraine has struck us in many ways. It has struck our BSCOSO community too. Here in Lithuania, we are safe. Furthermore, we are safer than ever: we have a concentration of NATO forces located on our land as never before.

Nevertheless, nobody is in power to predict the nearest future for now. We understand, you feel the same. Some of you have downgraded your participation from live to online.

Thus, the situation has driven us to search for the best solution. We took the following arguments into our mind:

  1. We know that we won‘t deliver our promise for the best course experience in a situation of uncertainty.
  2. Many of you have chosen participation in person due to many reasons that we won‘t fulfil at the online course.
  3. Last, but not least, doctors from Ukraine won‘t be able to arrive at the course.

Due to all reasons above we have decided to transfer the 11th BSCOSO Spring Course to a new date. The scientific and social programs remain the same as well as the speakers’  faculty. On top of that and to make this shift easier to all of you, we offer many ADDED VALUES.

What are the added values?

  • Opportunity to extend our course into BSCOSO Summer Camp on 11 – 12 July 2022.
    • BSCOSO Summer Camp will unite the most promising talents of BSCOSO. It is both an educational camp and a first-ever competition for young doctors.
    • The Camp will be organized in a beautiful Lithuanian nature site. Thus, the event will offer not only education but a restoration too. Especially for the doctors arriving from Ukraine.
    • 20% off will be offered to participants of Shape It Up’22 BSCOSO. More information coming soon.
  • Video recording of the course: available for 2 weeks.
    All lectures of the Shape It Up’22 course will be recorded, and you will have the opportunity to solidify your knowledge received at the course. A video recording will be available for 2 weeks after the course for free.
  • The flexibility of your participation
    You will have the opportunity to change your participation (in person or online) at the course held on 9 – 10 July.
  • Opportunity to support Ukraine
    Course tickets for doctors from Ukraine will be covered by BSCOSO. Thus, you will be a part of support delivered to Ukrainian fellows.
  • Your ticket is valid for the new date! If you have already purchased the ticket to BSCOSO Course, it is valid for the new date and your registration will be automatically transferred to 9-10 July, 2022.  If you prefer to make some changes in your registration, please let us know by writing at

Let’s stand together with Ukraine!

We apologise sincerely for the inconveniences caused by changing the date of the course. We take this as a step of standing together with Ukraine and invite you to be a part of it! What relief will be to all of us to meet our Ukrainian fellows and learn together!

Join the donation fund for Ukrainian hospitals!

A crowdfunding campaign to support Ukrainian hospitals has been launched recently by the Lithuanian charity Veido fondas. Keep donating for the Ukrainian hospitals in their heavy conditions and making it possible to save peoples‘ lives.

To donate, please click HERE.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in summer!

We will keep you updated about any further course information regularly.