New project Rooto by BSCOSO

BSCOSO is starting a brand-new project called ROOTO!
Real-time education and learning through the eyes of a doctor!

ROOTO is an online education platform that offers a new way of learning for maxillofacial surgeons and residents, no matter where you are in the world. Ready to take your development to the next level? Our platform offers a growing library of videos detailing a variety of surgical procedures and techniques, regular live-steaming surgeries, as well as a collection of relevant scientific articles, lectures and podcasts.

Rooto is an educational platform for professionals looking to take advantage of real-time learning and practicing opportunities with top surgeons. We focus on orthognathic and oral surgeries, and other dental procedures through the eyes of a doctor. We have a growing library of videos focused on various techniques, clinical management best practices, practical integration and efficiency. Rooto serves a closed community of experts sharing knowledge and expertise among group members. Join our community to gain exclusive unlimited access to the Rooto video library, related scientific articles, periodical live surgeries, lectures, podcasts and an intimate look inside the operating room.

Our platform is launching with regular livestreaming orthognathic surgeries via a closed Facebook group that approved medical specialists can access.

Join closed Rooto by BSCOSO Facebook group HERE.